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Book:  Motherhood (English)

The English translation of my successful autobiographical book ‘Motherhood’ is nearing completion.

To have it designed and printed by a publisher, I will need to invest a certain amount of money. My plan is that everyone who wants to read my book can pre-order it by first depositing 30 Euros, into a special account. This will enable me to continue with the further development of the book’s final design and allow the printing to begin.

Should there not be enough enthusiasm for the book, I will refund your pre-order payments.

I hope that you will have enough trust in me to help make the English version of my book a reality.

Pre-payment book orders can be made on this website. Read more >>


    Book: Motherhood (ENG)
    Book: Motherhood (ENG)

    Nicolien de Kroon, a normal mother from Andijk in the province of North Holland follows her calling with all of her heart and soul. Through the story of her childhood, which took place in part on Curacao, she takes the readers to…

    € 30,00

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